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Putting the “Family” in Fit Family Challenge

Each summer for 12 weeks, Fit Family Challenge presented by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas offers families the opportunity to attend free weekly Zumba® and Kid Fit classes at one of eight locations, learn their health numbers and monitor their progress, and attend our five free ‘Big Events’ at local parks and public spaces.  It’s more than just Zumba and Big Events though. Fit Family Challenge and our approach to group exercise builds camaraderie, offers accountability and makes reaching fitness and health goals more exciting and fun! Additionally, the weekly classes are offered in neighborhoods that are the most at risk for health-related issues. Kid Fit, offered in conjunction with the weekly classes, gives moms, dads and other caregivers the flexibility to attend class and know their little one is also getting his or her recommended daily exercise.

This summer, some of our loyal participants from our weekly classes have taken it a step further and now they’re like family. When one of the weekly class regulars, JoAnn, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer earlier this year, these ladies rallied together to provide support. Pictured in the photo above at our June big event, Get Healthy at Hardberger, they found a way to include their dear friend in the action. They also dedicated one of the weekly classes to her, giving JoAnn a special boost of motivation as she was undergoing a trying time.

We are happy to report that JoAnn is on the road to recovery and has returned to the weekly classes and a group of very special ladies. They are part of what makes Fit Family Challenge such a great program. We thank you for your support in helping us make programs like this possible for JoAnn and others.

Fit Family Challenge classes continue through mid-August and end with the Fit Family Challenge Jump into Fitness 5K Finale, on Saturday, August 12 at Southside Lions Field. Click here to register for that event.